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Weihai Julia Sport Product Co Ltd is a carbon fiber tube manufacturer
We operate with  5 Italian technicians focused on R&D and Plant Management in place, President and VP of Sales are also Italians speaking a multiple number of languages.

Manufacturing facilities production sites
Italian technicians permanently on-site
Annual growth rate
Certified company according to European and American standards
Fishing rods produced per day
Spoken languages

Weihai Julia has a very diversified production making a very reliable source of supply and is happy to welcome any new production when large scale quantities are required.
We are specialized in the manufacturing of:

Any kind of Fishing Rods (Poles, Match, Feeder, Carp, Fly Fishing), Golf shafts, Windsurfing Masts and Booms, Sup Paddles, Sailing Mast and Booms
Our manufacturing facility is certified to the highest standards successfully serving many Worldwide customers, in fact we export in more than 50 countries Worldwide from small customers up to several billion $ customers per year.

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Weihai Julia is ideal for large-scale production.
The entire production process is controlled by our Italian staff from development to delivery.