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High quality, excellent development, outstanding performances and dedicated customer care:
this is WH Julia.


Wh Julia is a World leading OEM supplier of watersports carbon fiber products created for fishing, windsurfing, sailboat, stand up paddling and wingfoiling.
The company was founded in 2008 to design & deliver OEM products exclusively to the most demanding and recognizable brands in the industry.


We support both pros and enthusiasts in fulfilling their dreams and their desires on the water. There are no limits: just one’s skills and passion. We provide our customers with the gear they need to reach their objectives and more.

Each and every component we deliver to the best brands in the industry has been developed and tested by some of the world’s best professional athletes. The result? These champions have 100% confidence and trust in Weihai Julia.


2021 Overview

1.2 MLN Carbon fiber units produced yearly

700.000 Square meter carbon fiber processed
Staff Members
Production sites

The way we work

Everything starts with contact: we pride ourself on offering exclusives to our clients, which are the best in the industry. We select only the best material from our partner like Torayca, and we build countless samples, until we reach a level of quality we’re happy with. Only after a thorough process, that requires approval by our internal and external team, the sample is delivered to our customers and the products are launched in the market. WH Julia is a solid and reliable partner, always attentive to its customers and stakeholders needs.

Enir is a patent from WH Julia which is a unique layering reinforcing veil that enhances the performance of a carbon composite.

3-LS stands for 3 layering system which is a specific UD carbon fiber opposed inclination at +/- 30° this increase the torsional stiffness without adding extra weight.

X-BD stands for cross bi directional carbon, we build think UD continuos carbon tapes cross wounded on the mast helping the traction properties of the laminate and avoiding the spine effect.

Torayca is the leading Worldwide pre-preg carbon supplier owned from Toray, we pride ourself to exclusively use their best material to produce all our products.

Nanoalloy is a technology brand that represents Toray’s high technical skills. 

WH Julia is prefeard customer for Seaguide. We feel Seaguide offer undoubtly the best component quality available today and has been awarded from us as the component manufacturer with lowest claim and best service we can only recommend choosing them.




Julia is run by people who are completely dedicated to the sports, manufacturing and products we focus on. Together with customers, external specialist and a worldwide team of professionals, we
strive to deliver on a continuous improvement in our products and services.



Giacomo Solza

Giacomo has co-founded Weihai Julia back in 2008, and guided the evolution of the company during the following years. He had always been an entrepreneur, and from the age of 20 has founded and managed different companies. Driven by achieving quality, both in product and service, Giacomo is responsible for the company general strategy and central functions, in collaboration with the Chinese management.
He spends at least a week a month in China, and deals on a daily base with all the central functions.

Alberto Solza

Alberto joined Julia in 2010, when he started the creation of an Export market, that today counts for 70% of the company turnover. Since then, he also founded Weihai Julia Japan Inc. to serve local customers and built up the EU service operations. He concentrates on long term sales strategy, marketing, product development planning, R&D goals and all kind of strategic projects


Executive VP SALES

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N° 92-6,Wenquan road,Huancui district,Weihai, China 264200

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Weihai Julia sport product co.,Ltd – N° 92-6, Wenquan road, Huancui district, Weihai, China 264200 Telephone: 18663157737 13963152460 E-mail: